Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes how we collect, use and protect the customer information we have obtained. Unless the law requires or stipulates the otherwise, we will adopt reasonable measures to protect your privacy. The customer information is obtained from this website, its subwebsites or friendly links in order to help us to conduct our business better. We promise that the information will never be disclosed to others. We will also provide our customers with sufficient safety measures to protect the personal informaton of our customers. Generally speaking, the customers may visit our website on their own without telling us any individaul information. However, sometimes we may need some information, such as name and address. Before we collect the personal information of the customers, we will let the customers understand our objectives.
If you agree to tell us your personal information, we may need to contact you, process your orders or provide the subscription service for you through the contact information you have provided to us. If you are not willing to provide the relevant information, we will also respct your wish.
2. What kinds of information of yours are to be collected?
The customer information obtained will help us to provide personalized service to keep improving our customers' shopping experience. The types of information that we collect are as follows:
2.1 The cases where you provide information: when you login the website and purchase products, create an account, require information, submit your comments or use other ways of contacting us, we will collect the relevant information. What types of information are to be collected depends on the contents of communication between the customers and us, but they may include name, correspondence address, mailing address for bills, E-mail address, details for payment, data of location as well as the other information that the customers are willing to provide.
2.2 The cases where the information is automatically collected by us: after the cus